Demon Ego

Force Demonetize All Memes - Be More Based

He ran towards the arms of a being that he never wanted to transform into, fell tired to the ground, and died in that being's deep, unnatural, spiritual scent that would be talked about a lot later. You could have expected dark shadows to emerge from underground to resurrect him, but instead he wanted to be reborn inside a giant circus tent. In the midst of all this fun, at the climax of the show when the clowns were in ecstasy while the audience's excitement was on fire, at the point where everything had fallen apart, he wanted to show up and start all over again. What he wanted to transform was actually his own past and the point where he started everything; He thought that he was very naive, that he had not yet been involved in the most mocking shade of green or the funny shades of any color. Even though he now loved red, the colors that danced in the flames and fascinated his eyes, he missed his first color. He missed the water he splashed in for the first time, the pit he dived into for the first time. Before the thing that would draw him to the flames bit his head and smeared blood, tar, and the rest of his life down his neck, he took note of all he felt, all these things, and engraved them in time for those who would later wonder what happened to him. May, 2024 by Demon Ego

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