Transient Labs is thrilled to introduce Stacks, our latest innovation designed to transform the creator minting experience. Stacks is not just a tool; it's a gateway to new possibilities and opportunities, empowering creators with unprecedented flexibility and control over the sales of their creations. Let's dive into what makes Stacks an essential platform for artists in the web3 domain.

What is Stacks?

Stacks revolutionizes the sales process within The Lab, enabling creators to independently build and publish their own mint pages. It supports the release of editions using ERC1155 or the creation of unique 1/1/X collections through ERC721 contracts. This innovative product offers creators an unprecedented way to showcase and sell their work without the hassle of indexing their contracts on external marketplaces, facilitating a direct sales pathway with a 0% creator fee structure.

The Distinct Features of Stacks

Stacks stands out by prioritizing the art and the artist. Everything about Stacks—from the mint page creation flow to the detailed presentation of artworks—is designed to highlight the creators' work in the best possible light. But what truly sets Stacks apart are its unique sales mechanics and customizable options:

  1. Sale Phases: One of the platform's novel features is its two-phase sales process, consisting of a pre-sale and a public sale phase, allowing creators to offer early access to allowlisted collectors and open sales to the wider public seamlessly. Differing from current market options that require downtime between mint phases, Stacks is designed to seamlessly transition from one phase to the next (presale to public), automagically enhancing the minting experience for collectors. Creators can also set unique pricing, mint allowances, and durations for each phase of their mint, providing more customizability and ways to reward allowlisted collectors.
  2. Velocity and Marathon Minting: Stacks introduces a versatile range of sales mechanics, including the familiar limited supply and timed editions, which can be adapted to fit the creator's needs. However, in an effort to enhance the minting experience, Stacks debuts two new and exciting concepts for 1155 editions: Velocity minting and Marathon mints. Velocity mints accelerates the sales process by subtracting time off the clock with each purchase, while Marathon mints add time back to the clock, letting demand dictate the supply. These mechanics introduce a dynamic and engaging element to the minting experience.
  3. Customization at Its Core: Beyond its innovative sales mechanics, Stacks offers customization options for mint pages. Creators can tailor their pages to reflect their artistic vision, adding detailed descriptions, supplemental information sections, FAQs, and customizable social share links. This level of personalization ensures that each mint page is as unique as the artwork it represents.
  4. Cost Efficiency and Accessibility: Stacks is committed to making the minting process as accessible and cost-effective as possible. With ERC721 lazy minting, no fees for sellers and minimal fees for buyers (0.0009 ETH per mint), Stacks ensures that creators can focus on what matters most—their art—without worrying about prohibitive costs.

Looking Ahead: Stacks and Launchpad

Stacks is just beginning its journey, with the initial release already setting a high standard for minting solutions in the creator space. As it evolves, Stacks will offer creators even greater customization of their mint pages and experiences. Expect support for a wider range of custom and dynamic contract types, such as Doppelgänger and ERC7160, enhanced auction and minting mechanics, and much more.With the continuous development of Transient Labs' Launchpad, Stacks mints will gain full discoverability and accessibility through our cutting-edge marketplace. This advancement not only improves visibility for creators but also signifies a major leap towards a more artist-focused digital art ecosystem. Additionally, we're dedicated to developing innovative ways for creators to promote their mints. This includes sharing capabilities via Farcaster Frames and creating engaging, shareable graphics for mint pages, such as automatically generated sizzle gifs.


Stacks represents a leap forward in the NFT world, offering creators a platform that combines flexibility, control, and visibility like never before. With its user-friendly interface, innovative sales mechanics, and commitment to highlighting art in its best form, Stacks is poised to become the go-to minting solution for creators. As we continue to evolve and expand, Transient Labs remains dedicated to providing the tools and support necessary for artists to thrive in the ever-changing digital landscape. Sign up for early access to The Lab and get started today!

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