ERC1155TL Creator Contract

Introducing the optimized ERC-1155 contract developed by Transient Labs. Designed to empower creators with unparalleled efficiency and flexibility, ERC1155TL introduces a range of features that redefine the way digital assets are created and distributed. Learn about the key features that make ERC1155TL the ultimate contract for artists and creators.

Sovereignty and Provenance

At Transient Labs, we prioritize creator sovereignty and provenance. With ERC1155TL, creators gain complete control over their contracts, as they are the sole owners. This ensures that your art remains under your authority, empowering you to maintain the authenticity and integrity of your creations throughout their lifecycle.

Unlocking Stories

Art transcends visual form, carrying the stories of artists, inspiration, and collectors. Capturing and sharing these narratives in the decentralized space has been challenging, which is why we introduce Story Inscriptions. Developed in collaboration with Michelle Viljoen, this groundbreaking solution revolutionizes storytelling in the NFT ecosystem.

Story Inscriptions allow artists and collectors to immortalize their narratives on the blockchain, ensuring their stories remain immutable and censorship-resistant. Learn more about Story Inscriptions here.

Royalties, EIP-2981 Compliance, and Blocklist

We understand the importance of royalties in ensuring fair compensation for creators. ERC1155TL fully supports EIP-2981, allowing creators to configure royalties on-chain. Our implementation provides contract-level default royalty configurations and the flexibility for individual token overrides.

To further protect creators' rights, we've introduced the Blocklist feature. Blocklist enables creators to prevent their creations from being listed on platforms that do not honor royalties. This reinforcement of value ensures that creators' royalties are respected by those who showcase and sell their art.

Efficient Batch Token Creation

ERC1155TL introduces a highyl efficient batch token creation mechanism, streamlining the token minting process. Creators can now generate multiple tokens in a single transaction, saving time and reducing gas costs. Whether you need to create 10 or 100 tokens, ERC1155TL simplifies the process, making it quick, cost-effective, and hassle-free.

Simplified Airdrops

Distributing tokens to collectors is made effortless with ERC1155TL. Our contract simplifies the process of minting and distributing tokens to multiple recipients in a single transaction. This efficient airdrop functionality optimizes gas usage, enabling you to engage with your community and reach a broader audience seamlessly.

Batch Token Burning

ERC1155TL empowers collectors with the ability to burn tokens efficiently. Whether it's a single token or a batch with different IDs and amounts, collectors can initiate the burning process in a single transaction. This feature is accessible to the collector or approved operators, providing flexibility for burn and redeem contracts.

Token Metadata Updates

While the ERC-1155 specification limits the implementation of Synergy for metadata updates, ERC1155TL includes a method to update token metadata when necessary. However, we encourage artists to exercise caution and avoid frequent updates to preserve the originality and historical context of their tokens.

ERC1155TL Examples

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