Tokenized Records for Artifacts Certification and Evolution

A new protocol securing the authenticity of next-generation physical artworks via verifiable records inscribed on-chain.



Physical artwork backed by cutting edge blockchain technology and digital Certificates of Authenticity


The creator can add extra provenance to their pieces at any time with creator stories


See where the piece has been displayed, including galleries, museums, and more


See when pieces have been altered or updated throughout history


See the sales history, including the auction house, amount, and collector


New owner? See who now owns the artwork and how they acquired it

How It Works

Sovereign Contracts

All T.R.A.C.E. contracts are creator-owned and controlled on Arbitrum, an Ethereum scaling solution

Story Inscriptions

Transient Labs Story Inscriptions immutably store provenance history on-chain

Cutting Edge Secure Chips

Secure chips attached to the physical art own the T.R.A.C.E. certificates of authenticity and are tamper-resistant while providing signing capabilities for on-chain verification

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